I have gathered links to information about Buddhism in the Plum Village tradition here to easily give to people when they ask me about it. If you have links you think I should add here please do pass them on to me by emailing me (vera AT thelothians DOT net)

I see buddhism as a philosophy I do not think it is a religion per se (though it can certainly be a religion) I also believe buddhism is perfectly suitable for anyone no matter what your religion is. I know of various Christians that became ordained monastics with Thay and are able to practise their Christianity alongside the buddhist monastic life. I truly believe that the way Buddhism is thought by Thay and how he suggest we should practise makes life better. So below are a bunch of links that I think are very useful for understading what the Plum Village tradition is about and how we can fit it into our daily lives.

Plum village website There is a lot of information on this site even if it is not obvious at first.
Under the Header Thay there is a biography and a bunch of Dharmatalks and mp3 files some are transcribed. These are on the right hand side of the page. there are also some interviews and articles by Thay. Some Letters written by Thay to the Sangha and some of his poetry.
Under the Sangha header there is normally info about any retreats new books and general ongoings in the Sangha.
Under the header Practice you can find a lot of information on how to fit mindfulness into your daily life, how to meditate, walking meditation etc. All the way on the right you first have the recent updates and just underneath that you have a section called daily practise there are sutras there, songs and ceremonies all donwloadable for free.
The header vistiting and retreats has the latest info on retreats either by Thay or one of the Dharmacharyas and infomation on visiting Plum Village in France.

European Institute of Applied Buddhism in Germany near Keulen. The site is currently not loading properly for me so I have to come back later to fill this bit in.

Community of Interbeing The UK umbrella Sangha linking all local Sangha's together. this site hosts information on UK events and occasionally international events.
They have the manual of practise available for download here there is a lot of information in this manual. on how to meditate to the use of Gatha's ceremonies and daily practise. There is also a bookshop where you can purchase Thay's books and cd's and support the UK Sangha at the same time.

For Teens and early twentiers (is that a word?) there is Wake up and for young children there is mindful kids

On Itunes you have the Deer park Dharma cast which has a lot of great dharma talks both those by Thay and other monastics and Dharmacharyas. there are also some meditations and ceremonies available.
There is also the Thich Nhat Hanh podcast on Itunes which also holds a lot of dharma talks by Thay

There are some great Dharma talks on youtube because of the limit on files size these are allways broken up into several pieces. I will post the first part of some of my favourites here
Israeli and Palestinian people
Walking Meditation with Thay

Thich Nhat Hanh

Deer Park Monks
Thay Phap Luu
Parallax Press
Brother Protection

Facebook groups
Thich Nhat Hanh
Deerpark Monastery
Wake Up
Paralax Press
Blue cliff monastery

After all that there are also a lot of books. I would recomend the miracle of mindfulness to begin with as it explains very well what it is and how to implement it into your life. I do think that no matter what book of Thay you buy you can't go wrong :)


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