Friday, 29 October 2010

an interesting Youtube channel

In case like us you are fed up with the way the world is going how people are being micromanaged more and more and how governments are controlling (or at least trying to) people as much as they possibly can you might enjoy Charlie Veitch's channel on youtube he is also on his own website.

This is an excellent example of their work

and part two

the test results came back

after all the poking and prodding and bloods and chest xrays I have been told I have asthma. I'm relieved to get the results and that they are so positive compared to what was lurking in the dark corners of fear in my mind. but all the tests seem a bit excessive now lol!.

Anyway I spoke to several of my online buddies about it over the past couple of weeks and this is the easiest way to let you all know its all ok :)

Monday, 18 October 2010

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Post from Korea

this post is a little overdue! many pictures so it could take a while to load.

i was in a food package swap organised by Lindsay, and was partnered up with Mipa.
Here's what she send me:

the whole lot!

the whole lot together.

Cards made by Mipa
2 lovely cards made by Mipa. they have been put aside till I pick up some frames. they are to nice to mail :)
She has a seperate site for her art here I love her style, the monkeys on the front page are awesome.

snacks (not yet opened these!)
I haven't opened these (its the very last thing to be opened!) so I'm not to sure what it is. the package does say its a natural olive oil snack.

brown rice tea

Brown rice tea! its a little like drinking rice crackers very tasty!


Citron tea this was awesome. I have people on a mission to buy me some from a korean shop in sussex. its a bit like marmelade when you open it you pour the lot into a mug add hot water and sip away. It was so lovely and warming and I can't wait to have more.

sesame seaweed sprinkles

I think this is seaweed with salt and sesame. very strong flavours great with rice.

sushi type sheets

I am assuming this is like sushi sheets. I haven't opened these yet because you need sticky rice. I live in such a culturally diverse part of the countryu (please not the sarcasm!) that I can get 3 types of rice here brown, white or risotto. I am hoping to have a trip into london to see friends in the not to distant future and will hopefully hit some shops there otherwise it will be the internet.

different types of rice cracker?

Different types of rice crackers. these are delish! very sticky!

vergetable biscuits

savoury vegetable crackers
rice crackers

the first thing we opened rice cracker. I have never seen Valen the grey (our rabbit) go as mad as he did for these. sure he loves raisins and craisins but he went mad for these. nipping the kids in the toes when he realised they where having more and he wasn't.


Ramen noodles! very spice and very tasty much nicer than the ones we get here!
rice biscuits

Rice biscuits


Valen the grey running like mad to get a bit of rice cracker (this is his carpet the rest of our floor doesn't look this bad!) not sure why he went as mad as he did for these!

Thanks a lot Mipa for swapping parcels with me I had a great time putting stuff together for you and a great time getting to know a bunch of new foods! And thanks to Lindsay too for organising!
I forgot to take a picture of what I sent so here is a boring list
chocolate buttons (brown and white)
a rice chocolate bar
ginger biscuits
soy mince and a handbound journal from and empty soymince pack (I have one and use it for recipes :))
yorkshire tea
mustard powder
cheddarese fake cheese
and a sample of tea by tetleys especially to use with soymilk

Saturday, 9 October 2010

Proud mummy moment

Euan won the townhall museum drawing competition! They liked his drawing so much that they will be using his drawing on their leaflets! He's also getting a giftvoucher for the local craftshop. Euan was jumping up and down from joy :)

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