Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Our afternoon

Was spent splashing in a stream

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Thursday, 26 August 2010

I recieved my otmt swap!!

I think i have the fastest partner!

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Tuesday, 24 August 2010

returning to sanity

so the last few days the house was fllled to max capacity again. I had mum and her husband here. Hubster and stepdad went on a DIY spree and fixed a gazillion things that where broken around the house. the best thing of all though is that mum had wanted to buy me a dryer because living in the UK I have times where I really do struggle with the laundry,  but the greenie in me just could not say yes to a dryer. I asked for this instead:
Porch built by hubster and stepdada much more ecofriendly alternative and its multipurpose too! I can feed the cats outside in the morning when the twins have their insanityhour and not worry about the cats not getting enough food vs the twins running trough the food. we can sit outside dusing evenings like last night where it was warm but very wet all our muddy wellies are kept by the backdoor and I can hang my laundry outside no matter what the weather is!
it needs a few finishing touches and James & I will have to finish the floor since we ran out of time but I can allready use it :). in fact 2 seconds after taking that picture I put the laundry on the rack and a minute or so after that it started to rain a lot!

cruelty free art supplies

so on my hunt to make sure all my art supplies (and the kids's) are cruelty free I have been emailing suppliers. who knew that your crayons are filled with animal fats and that your paints have gelatine?! so I was lucky with most of our stuff though a few bits I'm unsure of and waiting for a reply. SOme companies haven't even bothered to respond. I was really pleased with the reply from prismacolor. I recieved their pencils in a swap package a couple of weeks ago and when trying the out they felt really waxy and I had two things go trough my head beeswax and tallow.


I emailed them late afternoon last thursday and had a reply waiting for me when I got up the next day.
Prismacolor is part of Sanford (rubbermaid and sharpie are the non crafty parts of the brand) and they told me none of their products contain animal parts or animal produced parts (ie no beeswax tallow gelatine etc)
I was rather relieved since I had a go with the pencils and really liked them! I will order a few more when the budget allows :)

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Zengami crane

From the raak on milliande by Ruth

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Thursday, 12 August 2010

Slings for sale

never thought this would be so painful but I very much doubt we'll have any more children and these are lying upstairs in the wardrobe not being used. they need to be used and enjoyed so I hope another mama wants them :)


my KOZY with extra long straps. I bought it so I could wrap the second baby around the first, its had some light us, no fading no stains etc. 
£40 includes 2nd class delivery



My first mei tai a cwtshi it has had a fair amount of use and one of the straps has a bit of fraying at the end due to hubby leaving the strap a bit to close to a bunny once... the colours are slightly faded but is it still a very comfy mei tai.
£25 includes 2nd class delivery

My didymos nino 5, the wrap I wanted to love so much but just didn't. it has had very little use and really could do with more breaking in. it also has a couple of small yellowish stains that I haven't managed to get out in normal washing.
£55 includes 2nd class postage   Sold!

All postage is UK only. I'm happy to send it another way but this will be at cost, and more pictures here.
Email me on vera AT thelothians DOT net :)

Big picture

So here's a little secret, I hate scrapbooking, I'm not talking about the old fashioned real scrapbooking no no I'm talking about the current thing called scrapbooking. Why you ask, well first of there is the fact that there is nothing scrap like about this version of so called scrap booking. its so, mmh whats the word for it, not girly but I dunno twee maybe fake too.

I just don't get the whole buy a load of expensive papers embellishements and tools and make interesting pages that in the end have very little in it thats truly you, I guess I find that often it looks so factory made so unpersonal because so much is mass produced. I have nothing against the papers or the embellishments and I do use the odd piece of paper since I get so many in art swaps. But in all honesty I prefer those made by me or another artist. those that are not mass produced. That said I enjoy reading about the process of putting it all together. I enjoy watching someone make their page see how they think as they put it all together. this is the reason I signed up for the big idea

Big Picture Scrapbooking

Its set to start some point today, based in the US so it will probably be late afternoon at the earliest that content will be available. I'd be curious to see what will be shown here, and wether the focus will be heavily on the products or the process.

My baby turned 6

Calm has finally returned to our home visitors are all back in Netherland and on tuesday my baby turned 6. He hasn't been a baby for a long time but its hard sometimes to think of him as this very independant boy who is quite happy to go off on an adventure on his own without the help of mummy. We made cupcakes and ice"cream", had balloons (though they where horrible!) and silly string, which he thought was the best. There where obviously presents (and way too many of them!). Pictures are still on the camera and I hope to find time today to put them up, Euan has caught a cold and as all good men this is the worst cold ever and he is "really realy ill mummy", this in turn results in him wanting to watch the same film over and over and over.

In just over a week my other babies will turn 3, really where does time go?. I'm starting to believe that the moment you become a parent somehow the thing inside you that is responsible for tracking time breaks.

I also recieved a bunch of gifts for my birthday in july and james recieved a carload of plants for his shady garden he's been wanting. Funny thing this because I'm the one that does the gardening. it was me who at 5.30 on sunday morning was spreading compost and planting plants.It will be me weeding and watering and caring for them. its all done with lots of love though.

I will post my gifts up a bit later, they all relate my my arty/crafty stuff so I'd like to give them proper attention on this blog :).

Monday, 9 August 2010


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