Friday, 23 April 2010

slideshow pictures from Dorset

The good the bad and the ugly ones because Euan has gotten ill (again!) and I'm too budy to sort them out but know some of you are waiting for them

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

catch up

it feels I'm constantly catching up these days. the weather has been absolutely fantastic! WE spend last weekend in beautiful dorset competely unplugged. I tell you it was weird not getting my daily fix of fora and mails. There was no signal for my iphone so I couldn't even go on their to check my mails.
The 2+ hour car journey went better than I could have hoped. Euan got sick about 20 minutes from hour destination and Thomas whilst the engine got turned of. Both hit the towel not the car (yay!)All 3 slept most of the way their and most of the way back, which did result in a few very very late nights but o well.

I have lots of pictures but they haven't even made it out of the bag yet s I'll be uploading those later. I have also got a few projects going that I want to tell you about but that to will have to wait till later

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Some good news!

contrary to what everyone expected mums bloodtest came back really positive. She's up to 14 now and they expect to harvest on Monday! She will be backin hospital on the 10th of may for the longest course of chemotherapy followed by the transplant. All a bit later then she would have liked but at least we're moving forward.

Today was the warmest day this year. Warm enough for the kids to run around naked!

Testing 123

Just downloaded an app to blog from my phone. Here's hoping it works.

Wednesday, 7 April 2010


Eventhough I was prepared it stil hit pretty hard.

The sweetest most silly dog I've ever known. and the only dog who woud outlast any human at playing ball.


just as things seemed to be going really well...

yesterday mum was supposed to have thestemcells harvested for the transplant in a few weeks time. yep supposed to, it didn't happen. Why? you ask. because someone in hospital made a very big huge mistake that no-one knows what to do with and might mean everything was for nothing. yup months of chemo 2 5 day intensives two 4 week periods of isolation all for nothing.
She was supposed to inject herself daily to encourage stemcell growth, no-one told her this was to continue after she got home saturday, no-one gave her injections. Because she had started the treatment they don't think her body will respond to any further injections now. nevertheless she has started the injections and is very hopeful. more so than me, so I guess its good I'm so far away right now. I can pretend and she doesn't have to see me bawl my eyes out.

To top it of our sweet little lara is not doing well. mum said she has been really down for a few days and got two big lumps (we're talking tennisball sized) that have grown rapidly. being the old girl she is the appointment this afternoon will probably mean she isn't coming home again...

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

iphone photo slideshow

I love my Iphone (yay for upgrades and refurbished phones!!) here is a small selection of the photo's I've made with it


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