Monday, 30 March 2009

fatally flawed

I got this link sent to me trough one of the he lists

Sunday, 22 March 2009

Dutch birdcams

pretty cool to watch

wordt verwacht means that species has not started to nest yet

Friday, 20 March 2009

My frog links
and for lapbooking basics

What is this?

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anyone any ideas what this is?

More signs of spring

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Signs of spring

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swans at the wooton basset canal

reading writing spawn-tadpole

Euan announced last week some point that he wanted to read, so the arrival of the frogspawn was great timing. I have biology books stacked n the kitchen the fridge has turned into a whiteboard and Euan has started his first Main Lesson Book (MLB). everything is frogthemed at the moment and the first letter he got to learn was obviously F.
I know that the waldorf purists will fall of their chairs now (or at the very least tut loudly) but this is where I disagree with Steiner. I believe their little souls are firmly in their bodies and each child develops at their own speed
After the F was introduced its was K's turn for Kikker the dutch for frog. he is learning all the different names for the different stages of a frogs life as the spawn develops into tadpoles. and everything in both languages. We have another book on the way from Dk with great step by step pictures.
The entire outside of the house has turned into a chalkboard and I have little letters all over the place.
Willow happily joined in and the letters are joined by sguiggels. Thomas rather eats the chalks

Thursday, 19 March 2009


Last sunday D one of our neighbours come over with a big brittajug full of frogspawn. Euan was overjoyed. We had nowhere to put them and freecycle didn't come up with much either.
So they spend a day or so in a jug, and we picked up a large feedbucket. they have a larger surface area than normal buckets and its big enough to hold a clump of spawn. should provide plenty of space when they are tadpoles.
here they are still in the jug sunday 15-3-09

in the bucket day 2 16-3-09

day 3 17-3-09 can you see the changes?

Euan's rainbow f

Monday, 9 March 2009

Saturday, 7 March 2009

Euan and sling




First egg




Thats what the past month or so was like blergh
There was mastitus colds croup scratched cornea more matitus asthma lumps that needed investigating blergh blergh blergh.

Glad thats all done now and spring has pretty much arrived here everything is getting green and lush and lovely.
I've moved the blackberry bushes to the front, built & filled a huge sandpit (it used one of those big buildingbags ful of sand)

We have had 4 eggs so far this week and 1 in the process of being laid. Lady grey has to make loads if noise before and after the deed, but then can you blame her?

I dug a hole for the new washingline yesterday and met the previous houseowners cat. This is the second time I have had the "pleasure" of "meeting" one of hi cats. Since both died more than 5 years ago at least.

We've been eating a lot of soup lentil soup, split pea soup carrot soup roast veg soup so easy to maje eat and freeze for later.

I hope to take some pics in the garden lateron to show y'all what we've been doing :)


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