Wednesday, 29 October 2008

time flies!!

so much has happend and I seem to have no where near enough time to write things down I really need to find a gap in my schedule somewhere to write on a more regular babsi.
Well both babies are now toddlers. I have videos of both their first steps :) WIllows vid is on youtube allready thomas's will go on asap.
Euan has grown out of 2 pairs of shoes in two months glad neither pair was expensive!
My little brother came and visited us the first time I've seen him in over two years!
Euan can do simple maths. OK this might be silly but, we walked past 2 fireengines and after a couple of minutes one of them drove of flashing lights and all. EUan looked very serious after it (he normally jumps from excitement at the lights & noise) looked at me and said why is there only one left now? He has entered another why phase.

Me: do you want toast
E yes
ME What would you like on it
E marmite
I give him marmite toast
E Why does it have marmite on it?

I also have a very nice new mobile with it I get free photoblogging yay! so if you want to see the photos go to I cant send the pics to this blog annoyingly.


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